Sidereal Horoscopes * By Count Gramalkin

There is some natural curiosity about how The Reverend Professor John Mazurek (1919 - 2oo3) the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology and therefore I came to be heirs of Cyril Fagan (1896 - 1970) legacy linage when Cyril said it was so we took his word for it.

The great world famous respected humanist, scholar, teacher, author, leader and world peace advocate and activist Daisaku Ikeda proclaims even demands that it is the duty of the disciple defend the mentor from slander of the law, and he should know. So even though Count Gramalkin Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrologer policy is to refrain from bothering with argumentative debate scenarios about the mystery here goes.

Here are some excerpts from a correspondence Gramalkin received in 2oo6 from a former student of The Reverend Professor John Mazurek founder and director of the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology and I whose betrayal for their own purposes of Fagan, Mazurek, San Francisco School and I is unconscionable as they did and do know better. Betray how Fagan wanted it betray Fagan. Count Gramalkin Copyright and TradeMark ™© 1970-v3-17.2010

"I must confess that I'm troubled that you call yourself the sole heir to the sidereal mantle. I don't consider that John had reached a level of skill in our art that qualified him to assume that position for himself; in fact, none of the other Siderealists I know think that John was worthy of carrying Fagan's shoes much less conferring upon himself a position of supreme eminence in sidereal astrology" ("When it starts with "I" you KNOW your safe, this time for sure, pal" Count Gramalkin).

Having been on my station since 1971 it is amusing it took this student so long to get miffed as they were well aware of Mazurek's and my station status long before they came to me for tutoring in the mid seventies. This student also loves to twist the truth about in an attempt to make it easier to justify their betrayal such as "being Fagan's sole heir" or "heir to the Sidereal mantle" rather than the actual station of "Fagan's foremost practicing direct heir out of his chosen linage ".

Then a list of names was presented (all good people most of which including the author of the memo got that way in no small part due to the Fagan / Mazurek linage legacy) stating that "all of whom surpassed John in technical skill at least, if not interpretive excellence. It is also no small thing that none of them are guilty of plagiarism which Mazurek certainly was with regard to his appropriation of Fagan's 1936 article in AAM on the horoscope of Christ".

It was a list of mathematician astronomy teknoids none of whom have shown Mazurek's gift to glean the true from the false out of the synthesis of astrological research much leave the body of work. Nor did any of them produce a significant student body, as did John's San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology, which hosted hundreds if not thousands of students. From what I have witnessed of the delineation attempts of the people on this list who mostly due to a lack of understanding of the technique of delineation waste 70% of the time in their readings prattling on about the exaltation and dignity of fall (a dysfunctional technique) rather than being able to delineate the actual horoscope. It is very difficult to correctly delineate an aspect or horoscope when one fails to realize what constitutes the aspects and angles.

The memo closed with this statement. "So while I'm sure you're an excellent astrologer, I would think twice about trumpeting any accolades I might have received from John Mazurek, because they don't go down well among your contemporaries who have long memories".

One wonders how many of these contemporaries listed or not in this memo did Cyril Fagan pilgrimage thousands of miles especially to confer with realizing his pending death other than Mazurek?

Interesting that this memo disrespecting John Mazurek was dispatched under such dark and cloudy stars. Moon applying conjunct Neptune opposition Mars conjunct Saturn T square Jupiter opposition Venus (Venus partile applying square Neptune). Which boils down to classic symbology for a delusional evil black magical attack morose morbid self destructive frustrated manic depressive anxiety neurosis ridden pollyanaistic philosophical confusion escapism disrespect dumping on friends aspect.

One would rather refrain from hurting anyone's feelings however it always seemed like this student who was a good solid intermediate student at school should have stayed in school. This student was there for such a comparative short time and thereby appears to have missed the point in so many ways, creating many errors in their technique (e.g. failure to use a complete file = incomplete work etc.) and resulting in misunderstanding the realistic grasp of the case at hand such as one gleans in the over three decades that John and I shared together. However just the fact that the students are from The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology means they are one of the best few hundred astrologers that ever lived.


Humorous that Cyril Fagan disagreed with this analysis of Mazurek's station being far down the ladder compared to his peer group and students. John never conferred anything upon himself nor have I Fagan did it, the simple facts prevail.

After years of personal correspondence and communication with Mazurek Cyril Fagan personally specifically purposefully and with good reason SELECTED the Reverend Professor John Mazurek of the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology to be his chosen heir and carry on the primary propagation of his research and work.

When Cyril came to see John knew he was dying and was very concerned that the knowledge would be lost again. Among what Fagan charged with or delegated the responsibility of to John was "it is up to you and your students to see that it is not lost again", to see to it that the knowledge was continued on, which we evidence he did. Although we seem to have let them down and done a very poor job of it.

It was Cyril Fagan himself when he came pilgrimage all the way from London, England to San Francisco just before his death particularly to confer with Mazurek to complete his collaboration with John and to lecture at the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology who once again proclaimed the Reverend Professor John Mazurek as his principal and best student / collaborator and CHOSEN HEIR and I am Mazurek's best and therefore FAGAN'S foremost practicing DIRECT heir from his chosen lineage or Mazurek's best out of Fagan's best so to speak in the classical form one hand up one hand down mentor to disciple, mentor to disciple. The sole heir to the sidereal mantle would be a different matter if even there were such a thing.

The truth and facts are as John was giving Cyril a ride when Fagan spoke at the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Cyril in person face to face Fagan's mouth to Mazurek's ear outright told John that John was the man heir next in line. That Cyril was depending on John and his students to pick up and carry his torch and that it was up to Mazurek and his San Francisco School students to see to it that the knowledge was not lost again. Cyril laid a mantle on John all right.

Mazurek had the gift and grasp of in depth understanding the realities of empirical research to sort and prove the truth and facts from the fallacies out of the synthesis of the astrological research of millions of people over the last ten thousand years due to his decades research using money as the primary proof ground of being.

The reality is that neither Mazurek nor I ever found it necessary to have claimed conferred aggrandized misrepresented or misappropriated et cetera anything upon our selves as Fagan did it to and for us specifically intentionally personally by word of mouth directly to Mazurek. Therefore I never had to assume anything upon myself it came to me naturally by inheritance next in line. The station upon which one finds oneself or reporting a statement of the facts is different than a claim or braggadocio. The basic San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation is given away free on gramalkin.

It would be ridicules to infer that Mazurek was lying about his relationship with Fagan and anyone who thinks he was lying obviously did not really know him. Regardless of the betrayal, actions or opinion of ANY dissenter and or hearsay propaganda gossip on the part of a liar / fraud or err and or jealous competitor colleagues who have no first hand knowledge of the case posing self righteous indignation to cover fear of elimination of their authority it will still be true that Fagan laid a mantle on John.

Mazurek and I shared six to eight hours of class a week for seven solid years of first hand knowledge and were in constant communication until his death. He was well known to me.

The Reverend Professor John Mazurek was a very honorable man of character integrity and dignity and in our 33-year collaboration I never knew of or heard of him ever lying about anything to anyone much less defrauding anything and most particularly about Fagan.

That Count Gramalkin is senior out of San Francisco School is common knowledge (I even attended the beginner class for seven years as the Old Man would say something news to me just because I was there). E.g. after seven years of class Mazurek conducted the one and only San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Certificate of Competency Examination. Count Gramalkin became the first Certified Astrologer in San Francisco School history as Count Gramalkin finished the exam one to two hours ahead of the rest of the class. This is a clarification of the facts that one actually is who one is supposed to be rather than braggadocio.

Multitudes respond joyously to astrological truth and facts as did Mazurek others become insecure threatened and jealous and or fear admission to error eliminating their authority.

One should refrain from confusing being a great mathematician, astronomer or historian with being a great astrologer. One need not be even a good mathematician or astronomer to be a great astrologer, or be able to spell to be a great author. As in the famous old saying multitudes can edit the punctuation having something to say is what makes a great author.

Again people, in the twenty and twenty first century one born in a subterranean dwelling with zero TV, radio, or pictures or never saw the sky, planet surface the sun, moon or a star who never even heard of astronomy, right ascension, declination, horizon, the equatorial system of measurement etc. who can add and subtract with a pencil a set of books (Ephemeride / Table of Houses et cetera) and the technique of delineation could be a fabulous astrologer. The cardinal sin of mankind is mistaking the apparent for the real such as mistaking being a great astronomer or mathematician with being a great astrologer. It is ok (even good) to know the astronomy side of it however unnecessary. The people who so famously managed to hit the asteroid half a kijillian miles from earth with the space probe all knew their astronomy however good luck getting one of them to correctly delineate ones horoscope.

In fact Mazurek standing on Fagan's shoulders carried much more than his shoes and indeed far-surpassed Fagan as a work a day astrologer due to his decades of fieldwork as do we. Fagan was mostly a theorist and did very little fieldwork where Mazurek was all about the proof of theory fieldwork. Cyril couldn't' have picked a horse race on a $2 bet, I saw Mazurek pick five consecutive winners using only astrology. Fagan for example was doing ones horoscopes for the place of residence. Empirical research has proven horoscopes should be done for the place of birth.

Mazurek was a true scholar. The man was a Virgo, loved doing research and for decades read everything in print about astrology then used money as the proof ground of being to prove the truth and falsehood out of the various research rather than just armchair theorizing. He in fact spent thousands of dollars buying all the astrological books and periodicals. He knew his trig all right (having been a WWII tank commander calculating trajectory) plenty well enough to test the horizon, equatorial and systems of measurement for validity. He was more into proof of what astrology actually works in real life rather than being enthralled with the mathematics of it all. He did not have to claim what he just was.

Astrology is a natural function of Mystic Law and a set of SYMBOLOGY for the cosmic forces created or initiated by or through the operating law. Properly done horoscope and tarot readings (all cast lots) yield a realistic peak into the psychological therefore physical past, present and future (as above so below as on the inner so on the outer).

Astrology, tarot, any of these techniques one is reading a set of symbology for the psychological conditions one is dealing with that show how we tend to relate to things therefore how things happen to or for us, Mystic Laws of Analogy and Cycles etc. Refer to a more detailed explanation in the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique available on

As far as the accusation of plagiarism in Mazurek's publication of the horoscope of Christ. The Christ horoscope the student must be referring to is the Jesus the Christ our Lord of the Piscean Age Nativity Horoscope c 1974 there was no plagiarism involved. To begin with Fagan only published a Tropical version of the horoscope therefore a Sidereal horoscope could not have been plagiarism. Here again we have an attempt to twist the truth around in an attempt to validate the motive of ones betrayal.

Incidentally my understanding of the situation is that the title Christ signifies the son of God (a living Godhead) however anyone may be a Christ as is repeatedly witnessed to in the Dead Sea Scrolls among multitudes of other places.

If you remember from John's lecture at school when he presented the Jesus chart in class and on pages two and three of the document in question Mazurek openly declared that Cyril Fagan back when he was a Tropicalist had done the original horoscope in tropical astrology and when John found it he just converted it to Sidereal and used it as an example of how the technique of delineation works. Apparently our contemporaries memory must be short after all if they do not extend as far as the second page. Incidentally Mazurek gave me the reprint rights to the Jesus horoscope pamphlet (available FREE on the "Book Information" page).

Cyril Fagan primarily synthesized the last five or ten thousand years of research on Astrology by many civilizations. This synthesis of research is the cumulative research of millions of people over the last five or ten thousand years from many civilizations, with the truth and falsehood proven out of it by Cyril Fagan and his chosen heir the Reverend Professor John Mazurek then passed on to Count Gramalkin (Mazurek`s foremost disciple and the senior student out of The San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology).

Mazurek did six decades of constant research proving the truth and falsehood out of the synthesis using money as the primary absolute proof ground of being. He would say "if it doesn't work at the track it doesn't work in your daily life". Sally Sue will say "oh I wasn't depressed last Tuesday". Armchair theorizing is one thing however one can not kid ones self about the money, either you have the money or they have the money.

Several fortunes were spent, lost and won proving what actually works in real life. Which ayanamsa works, what variables have any delineation and determining their true intrinsic values (ayanamsa = the fixed star Spica at 29 degrees Virgo Six minutes five seconds). Such as which systems of measurement have real delineation value for example that zodiacal longitude is the correct ASTROLOGICAL measurement system rather than horizon or equatorial.

Mazurek literally spent decades watching political and current events, horse races and the stock market and zodiac go around plus conducting multitudes of personal interview consultations to prove the zodiacal system is the one that has delineation. John spent the last twenty years of his life all day five days a week watching the stock market reaction to the planetary transits. Of course one must use the whole rig. Sidereal Zodiacal Celestial Longitude, Geographic, Campanus Table of Houses, Octoscope and East Point Angles, Arabic Lunar Mansions, Major Fixed Stars correctly applied with the , San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Intrinsic Values of the Planets Technique of Delineation - Zodiacal Western Sidereal Fixed Zodiac Astrology.
Count Gramalkin has used the Reverend Professor John Mazurek Arabic Lunar Mansions, Octoscope and Octotopus with the Western Sidereal zodiac since the early nineteen seventies and they always read true and rang true even with cash money on the line. Of course one must use the correct zodiac, use the fixed star fiducial point Spica at twenty-nine degrees of Virgo six minutes five seconds. As in the classical case of the tropical Leo who finds out they're really a Cancer they always say "that doesn't sound like me there must be some mistake, I am a LION". However when it gets down to OBJECTIVE "Self Observance Self Remembrance Self Realization Truth Seeking" the data is correct and it turns out just to be the information was not what they wanted to hear.

Astrology is a natural function of Mystic Law and a set of SYMBOLOGY for the cosmic forces created or initiated by or through the operating law. Properly done horoscope and tarot readings (all cast lots) yield a realistic peak into the psychological therefore physical past, present and future (as above so below as on the inner so on the outer).

Astrology, tarot, any of these techniques one is reading a set of symbology for the psychological conditions one is dealing with that show how we tend to relate to things therefore how things happen to or for us, (Mystic Laws of Cause and Effect, Cycles etc.). Refer to a more detailed explanation in the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique available on gramalkin.

The teknoids especially the ones that fail to grasp the big picture tend to try to drag all manor of mathematical what not into it. Essentially Azimuth, Altitude, Right Ascension, Declination, Equatorial, Apogee and Perigee, how close a planet is to earth, and so forth have nothing to do with astrological delineation. IT IS SIDEREAL ZODIACAL CELESTIAL LONGITUDE THAT COUNTS.

What happens is that when astrologers fail to use a properly done complete file of horoscope charts for the event (if they even know what a complete file is) they wind up using the law of substitution clutching at straws trying to and find symbology to explain the events that occur. Then it is straws like Venus in parin trine to the midpoint between the right ascension of the equatorial helical rising of the left-handed moon node and such. Things like demi-solars, quarter year solar and on and on are just not needed when using a complete file. When using a complete file the repeated patterns that emerge are just too obvious to miss.

The best advice I have for you is to take my best advice. Gramalkin's primary message is available on gramalkin. Make a thorough study of read and heed every word of the material on CountGramalkin (which only amounts to a pamphlet). This will provide one an accurate rendition of the secret of the cosmos / the meaning of life / enlightenment, how to read / predict it and what to do about it. One may refrain from reading the entire disclaimer, as it is mostly standard reproduction however there is a thought or two in the first few self-composed paragraphs.

Print out and save a copy to desktop of the PDF printable version of the "San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Technique of Delineation" by Count Gramalkin on the Stars = Cards page of This document is the essence of the entirety of the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology experience. Keep checking this page for the newest version of the document. Sometimes it stays the same for a while some times it changes several times a day.

Know that I bear zero hard feelings about this or any disagreements we may have and hope to continue colleague collaboration in a spirit of friendly cooperation.

Thank you for your concern however Count Gramalkin Zodiacal Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrologer by Fagan out of Mazurek San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology is quite proud and honored to trumpet and cary on in trust the linage legacy heritage left us by Cyril Fagan through his chosen heir the Reverend Professor John Mazurek.