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Herewith are the relevant facts regarding the credentials of Count Gramalkin as a Zodiacal Western Sidereal Zodiac Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Authority on Spiritual Evolution.

After the completion of my secondary education, I attended college for two years and considered several careers. I left college at that time in order to pursue my interest in Eastern Mysticism and philosophy which I felt then and continue to know are of greater value and benefit to mankind than the Western technologically oriented perspectives I had been taught since childhood would lead us to believe.

In 1969 I met and became a disciple of the Reverend Master Adano Ley one of the leading disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, who initiated me into the science of Kriya Yoga.

Through Master Adano I met and gained knowledge and understanding from many realized Godheads with whom it was my privilege to study. Satchidananda, Vishnudevananda, Kriyananda, Yogi Bhajan, Sant Keshavadas, Swami Radha, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, Roy Eugene Davis, Gurumayi among others.

In early 1970 I found my true vocation and sought to become a Astrologer. I contacted Ramana Ananda (a disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi) who had been in bliss for ten years. Ramana was staying under Kriyananda's Darshan at the Ananda Meditation Retreat in Nevada City, California.

Ramana Ananda who was a well-known Astrologer moved into my home and became my full-time private Astrological tutor. It is he who brought me to the study of Western Sidereal Astrology and told me it was the True Astrology.

In the spring of 1970 I left the tutelage of Ramana Ananda and entered the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology where I remained for seven years of class and I am the senior student out of the San Francisco School, capable of handling any phase of Astrology.

The school a foremost astrological school in the history of the world, was directed by Reverend Professor John Mazurek. Reverend Mazurek was personally selected by Cyril Fagan of Dublin, Ireland to inherit and carry on his research. Indeed he was Cyril Fagan's principal student / collaborator as well as being a close personal friend of the man acknowledged to have been one of the greatest Astrologers of all time.

There is some natural curiosity about how the Reverend Professor John Mazurek (1919 - 2oo3) and I came to be heirs of the Cyril Fagan (1896 - 1970) legacy linage, we took his word for it. Cyril in person face to face Fagan's mouth to Mazurek's ear enlightened John to the fact that John was the man heir next in line and that Cyril was depending on Mazurek and his students to pick up and carry his torch and see to it that the knowledge was not lost again. Cyril laid a mantle on John all right.

Fagan synthesized the last five or ten thousand years of Astrological Research from many civilizations, religions, et cetera. Reverend Mazurek did some sixty years of personal Empirical Research sorting the Truth and Falsehood out of the synthesis of the last five to ten thousand years of Astrological Research. Reverend Mazurek's level of understanding (my own) at this time exceeds Fagan's due to his years of actual fieldwork. The school carries on Fagan's work through Mazurek and now me.

It was Mazurek himself who knighted me "The Count Gramalkin". Being an American naturally one disapproves of hereditary rulers. However it all turns out to mean "the European Count a noble man heir to the throne not by blood and Gramalkin a doorway between the worlds", which describes my station, oh well.

The knowledge gained by these two Astrologers over a lifetime of study and research was passed on to me in the classical form one hand up one hand down mentor to disciple, mentor to disciple during the first seven years at the school, and through continuing study with John in the many (33 years) years hence. All the many arts and techniques of Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology were offered to me and eventually mastered by me over this period

In addition to giving lectures, tutoring and teaching I am trained in the Schmersanski Technique of Homeopathic Inorganic Biochemistry (the science of healing with Cell Salts). A technique used in correspondence with the Sidereal Medical Technique. One is able through the use of this technique to diagnose and treat an enormous variety of psychological and physical illnesses, without even meeting the patient.

My future plans include increased research into application of this particular area of the Sidereal Sciences. For example: Institutions, prisons, hospitals, (most cases) emptied and kept empty by curing and preventing the individual Biochemical Imbalance.

Currently I am involved in rendering the whole of my Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrological Knowledge into a form suitable for use by a computer. This undertaking will make information instantly available to the masses of people Currently requiring hours of painstaking work to produce. Even now horoscopes must be drawn by hand as there is no known computer program that does a horoscope correctly as illustrated by the sample horoscope on this website.

Also I am an Ordained Minister and Pastor of the Sidereal Church of Astrology. Through ministry in the Western Sidereal Church of Astrology I am actively engaged in furthering it's aims. Of the most important of these is to evolve the race of mankind by the promotion of Truth (That which stays the same, for all, on all levels of being this side of vibration) Sidereal Astrology and the Truths it embodies in order to bring it's vast range of Benefits to all people throughout the world. Each Man His Own Astrologer.

One of the church's major supportive activities - the establishment of nonprofit, tax exempt, spiritually motivated organizations which will help evolve our current world scientific religious and political communities and institutions and peoples into benign and spiritually evolved one world cooperation - grows out of that central purpose. It is to these aims and purposes that I have devoted my life and career.

A lot can be told just from the Birth Date. However a copy of a Birth Certificate that shows the Name, Date, Time, Place, Race and Sex of First Breath of Life is preferred for Horoscopes. Include complete birth name please.

Situations in which to give lectures, interviews, personal readings, do research, publish books, articles and computer programs, agents, promoters, and funding interest me. It is an interesting story and I love to tell it.

Dearest Classmates & Colleagues:

We lost the Reverend Professor John Mazurek Halloween 2oo3, talked with him the night he died. He experiment with many things in his late period such as another run seeking some true relevance in the India Vedic astrology modus operandi yet in his last moment's he let me know again that we were to carry on doing as he taught us at school. Zodiacal Western Sidereal Astrology Geographic, Campanus Table of Houses, Octoscope and East Point Angles, Arabic Lunar Mansion, Fixed star Spica at 29 degrees Virgo Six minutes five seconds epoch 1977. With his dying breath the last thing he said to me was "remember aspects are by sign and house".

John Mazurek - September 22, 1919 - 9 AM EST - MET inc. 20" - Dunkirk, New York - White Male - speculative. John said his time was very close to accurate. As fate would have it one of his relatives noted the time. Mazurek also taught unless the Astrologer physically sees legal documentation of the birth data one must protect oneself by labeling the data "Speculative". As memory serves John was also born in a farmhouse just outside of town.

He lived on his own, had his own place, drove his own car, came and went as he pleased and did Western Sidereal Astrological research 24/7/365 to the very end. He was in his eighties.

Mazurek was my mentor; we were in constant contact and he always reinforced me to do astrology as he had taught in class at school.

A great loss to mankind he was best astrologer.

It is all on this website, hope it helps you along your way. Adept at everything on Gramalkin.Com one would be at will at one with co creators with God.

He loved it when my Astrological linage was declared "by Fagan out of Mazurek".

There is some natural curiosity about how The Reverend Professor John Mazurek (1919 - 2oo3) and I came to be heirs of the Cyril Fagan (1896 - 1970) legacy linage, we took his word for it. There was a reason John Mazurek was Cyril Fagan's chosen heir.

In fact when Cyril knew he was dying he pilgrimaged all the way to the "San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology" to personally meet with John and finish their collaboration.

Face to face Fagan told Mazurek "It is up to you to see to it that it is not lost again". The truth and facts of the matter are as John was giving Cyril a ride when Cyril came all the way to San Francisco, California to collaborate with Mazurek and spoke at the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology Cyril in person Fagan's mouth to Mazurek's ear enlightened John he was the man heir next in line and that Cyril was depending on Mazurek and his students to pick up and carry his torch and that is was up to Mazurek and his San Francisco School students see to it that the knowledge was not lost again. Cyril hung a mantle on John all right as Mazurek had the gift to glean the true from the false out of the synthesis of astrological research. FAGAN chose this lineage and I am next in line in the classical form one hand up one hand down mentor to disciple, mentor to disciple.

Mazurek always said "I did not care about anyone's soul, I wanted to know who was going to win the daily double". He loved the races.

John played the horse races for the research and only made win bets. He did the research and Horoscopes for fun (clearly ready for the big therapy in the sky).

In fact one of the reasons he was so great is he used money as his primary absolute proof ground of being. Cyril Fagan synthesized the last five or ten thousand years of research on Astrology by many civilizations. Mazurek proved the truth and falsehood out of the synthesis using money as the primary proof ground of being.

He would say "If it doesn't work at the track, it doesn't work in your daily life".

Sally Sue will say "oh I wasn't depressed last Tuesday" however one can not kid ones self about the money. Either you have the money or they have the money.

The horse races are the perfect place for empirical research. The hardest read I ever saw, must see all the colors and shadings. If one can pick a horse race one can read.

Each race is an entire life cycle (akin to a person's) birth to death with all the bumps and bangs happy's and sad's in two minutes that we experience in the hundred-year lifetime of a human and there are nine races a day all in the same location.

The Old Man took me to the track one day. Using only Astrology he picked five consecutive winners. Mazurek knew not the name of the horse or jockey or their track record. We split a two dollar win ticket on each race, ate drank paid all the bills and had money left over.

Mazurek's key to picking the races goes by the cross reference between the number of the horses post position to the number corresponding to the "Intrinsic Value of the Planets". E.g. Venus = #6 = postposition #6 on the "Post Time Event Chart". Personal note: The Count Gramalkin prefers a one-mile pace with less than ten horses and big events are for suckers.

Must use the whole rig, Sidereal Longitude (Spica at 29 Degrees Virgo 6 minutes), Campanus Houses, Octoscope & East Point Angles, Arabic Lunar Mansions ET cetera.

At the beginning of each Astrology class John held a Moment of Silence, it always got one off, the force was with you.

Mazurek would pound on the podium with his fist and say "When you get out of here nobody can pull the rug out from under your feet, you better believe it baby".

Once upon a time, long, long ago, India's foremost Astrologer and I met, I would take a step toward him and he would take a step toward the door. He was hip, I was just going to ask him about the Hindu ayanamsa, mythology driven delineation etc.

Next time in the old mans presence I said "John, India's foremost Astrologer and I met and I was still standing on the rug". Mazurek queried "what rug?" While laughing the reply was "the one he could not pull out from under me".

Hope to hear from all the old classmates soon.